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Brooklyn Bridge


Our campaign is built on a commitment to our communities - A promise to build a City that is livable, equitable, and affordable for all New Yorkers. By investing in education, healthcare, and affordable housing while supporting and protecting our small businesses, we’ll not only revitalize our city but see our district thrive.


Small businesses have suffered tremendously throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and many have been priced or pushed out. Everytime we lose a local business we not only leave a vacant storefront behind - we lose jobs and a critical economic supporter of our community. Mom and pop stores are vital and make New York intrinsically New York. Supporting and protecting these local businesses is vital to our economic recovery and at the forefront of my policy.


We deserve to live in a city where we do not need to fear walking our streets. The recent spike in violent crimes, particularly hate crimes against minority groups, is frightening and must be dealt with swiftly and firmly. At the same time, we must continue the important work of making our criminal and legal systems more just, more fair, and more accountable.


I deeply understand that access to quick, sustainable, and equitable transit is a necessity for working families. That’s why I am dedicated to targeting and reducing traffic congestion within our district, increasing Metropolitan Transportation Authority funding, and making public transit safer and fully ADA accessible.


I know full well the issues facing the residents of our community. Adequate, available, and affordable housing are essential to keeping a district like ours livable and thriving. I have always made it a priority to push for housing that accommodates people of all income brackets. As a candidate for NY State Assembly in District 45, I am the only contender in this race with plans to actively pursue and support the restoration and development of housing in our neighborhood.


So often the underrepresented in any community are those too young to have a voice, and—in New York City—this includes the underfunded schools that educate them and services that support them. It’s for this reason, the government must act mindfully of today’s youth and ensure that policy benefits our public school systems and the lives of young New Yorkers.


I have seen the diversity of my district change and grow over the years to accommodate people from different backgrounds. It is my mission to make sure that everyone feels safe in the streets of district 45, no matter your identity and background. It also means protecting youth, animals, and those reentering society. 

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